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Foundcenter is proud to announce the imminent launch of its major multimedia project in three South-East European countries.

From mid-Autumn of 2021 UNA TV will offer TV viewers & consumers of multimedia services in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina & Serbia three innovative family-view entertainment channels covering an audience of 10 million. Shortly afterwards, in early 2022, these will be accompanied by 24/7 news channels. UNA will feature stars, celebrities, news personalities & media professionals from all over the region, often in new roles that demonstrate those sides of their rich & varied talents they never before revealed to the world.

The project will also see the creation of 3 dedicated news channels, one in each host country, that will present all the news, without any prejudice or bias. News anchors will present hard news energetically, impartially & truthfully, allowing viewers to see all sides of the argument and make up their own mind.

All UNA channels will be based on latest achievements in digital multimedia technologies applied to a degree hitherto unseen. Multi-platform integration that bridges traditional division between TV, web and mobile technologies; implementation of latest virtual reality technologies accompanied by stunning design that defies gravity & reality and most up-to-date equipment & technologies that shorten journalist response times and creates a new newsgathering paradigm.

Financing & development of this challenging but exciting project has been achieved by Foundcenter with a number of international & regional private & institutional partners. We hope that this model will offer new opportunities in the media field for many other countries & regions.

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Grow your business

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