Software development


In the very beginning we sign a non-disclosure and non-competence agreement, so you feel at ease while sharing your idea and involving us as a part of your team. With this agreement, your startup product will be in completely stealth mode. We also sign internal NDA with our team members so everybody working on your project is legally covered. We know startup products have dynamic scope. Our team follows the agile manifesto in its true sense by welcoming changes and always being ready for improvements in the product.
As soon as we sign a NDA, we are ready to exchange an ocean of information in order to understand the product, its market, and the target audience. The process also involves collecting user-stories and their interactions with the application. The features identified within the product will then be prioritized in order of importance.

Wireframing Begins

This is a very important step towards UI design and the planning of user interaction scenarios. It captures page flows, outlines of the user interface, form fields, and additional UI details. Wireframes are reviewed based on user stories and redone many times in order to achieve the best possible user experience.

UI Design

At this stage, we are ready to convert the wireframes into real designs. The designs may be reworked multiple times to improve the details. UI design in our team is done using Photoshop / Fireworks. Layered design files are also available from the Luutaa team.

Back-end Development

The database design is carefully planned and executed so that it is adaptable for high traffic and concurrency. Finally, the back-end code is written in PHP, Ruby-on-Rails, or Django. Back-end development also involves writing related to AJAX, Backbone, and Angular JS. The integration of the application with different web services, social media, and third party applications is done using their respective APIs.

MVP Launch

We launch the application in a beta version to get reviews and feedback from a limited pool of actual users. Based on the feedback, a list of improvements is prepared. If the list includes major changes, we repeat the design and development steps. If there are only minor changes, it is done on the fly.


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